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Dr. G. P. Singh President

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure and sense of satisfaction to stand before you as President of this great organization- Indian Medical Association (IMA), Lucknow. I extend my sincere thanks to all my seniors and all members for giving me excellent team to work with me during my tenure.

IMA as the savior of the medical community has been constantly innovating in accordance to the need of the hour. Today, I.M.A. is a well established organization which works to promote and advance medical and allied sciences in all their different branches .It also promotes the improvement of medical and health education in India to maintain the honors and dignity and to uphold the interest of the medical profession and to promote co-operation amongst the members.

Doctors are integral part of society. They work hard for the upliftment of society as a whole and hence it is pivotal for him to concentrate not on personal medicine but also on social medicine too. For this, they need to develop appropriate gestures. They need to mingle and propagate their knowledge and good work with the various parameters of society and have a understanding of the contemporary social fabric hence it is imperative for them to document social gesture and propagate them. Social media offers an opportunity for doctors to connect and engage with the society. It is now time to move to the next phase where we present our good works via social media and also to share our experiences as a thought leader in the society.

Doctor's presence on social media, if managed effectively, can lend them a solid online reputation. Additionally, it can increase their digital footprint. This will contribute to their offline growth and success.

The Indian Medical Association stipulate that over 75% doctors across the country have faced at least some form of violence and recent data shows that 84.6% doctors have apprehension of facing violent behavior at their respective workplace. For prevention of violence, the doctor can create a emergency response team (ERT) which can be easily alerted over social media.

In the context of the pious, trustworthy and fiduciary relationship between patient and doctor, this problem needs a solution. In this context we need to consider the following pearl of ancient wisdom "संघेशक्तिकलयुगे" that only unity has power in this era.

Dr. G. P. Singh,
President, IMA Lucknow